We need such e-commerce software agent partners


With legal business license and independent legal representative, good business reputation

In the selected area, have certain marketing ability and customer resources

Recognize the product value of shoppro and the cultural concept of ShopPro



This is our cooperation support for you

Broad market
Leading e-commerce system, wechat distribution system and new retail solution in China

Generous commission
As high as 70% of the profit margin, so that the channel investment value

Training support
The head office regularly empowers the partners, provides training on all aspects of products, marketing, etc., and explains all aspects of product functions in detail

Operation support
Provide operation guidance and product landing plan, invite high-quality channel merchants to visit, regularly sort out excellent brand cases, and share ppt with customers

Service support
Provide channel exclusive customer service, help channel operators to solve product, sales, technology and other market operation problems, and help channel operators quickly establish an efficient and stable marketing team

Product support
Adopt the Trinity innovative service mode of "technology + operation + channel" to provide brand enterprises with high-quality wechat marketing products and services, and build a unique core competitive advantage

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