Services and products of ShopPro


Amazon in / Google promotion / Facebook, twitter promotion

For foreign trade enterprises to settle in Amazon to provide consulting and services, to provide promotion services on Google and other platforms.


Cross border e-commerce independent station

For the planning, design and development of cross-border e-commerce independent station.


ShopPro Cross border e-commerce services

1.Provide an independent cross-border e-commerce station
It provides shoppro independent cross-border e-commerce station with multilingual front-end pages and simplified Chinese back-end, facing domestic export enterprises.
Suitable for: PC independent website, H5 mobile terminal independent website

2. Multilingual
It adopts multi language support design, and has languages of all countries in the world.

3. Multi currency settlement and payment
Adopt PayPal mainstream payment gateway.

4. Export logistics support and customs clearance
It can cooperate with Shentong, Shunfeng, DSL, FedEx, etc.

5. Advertising investment support /seo
Automatically or backstage advertising, in Google, Facebook, twitter and other platforms; At the same time, for SEO optimization inside and outside the station.

6. Global domain name registration
Domain names can be registered in any country in the world.

7. Global cross border use of enterprise email
There are overseas forwarding enterprise mailbox, arrival rate is very high.

8. Global server / SSL / CDN
Provide global overseas servers, global CDN and security services. Kong) | | |

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