About ShopPro

Shoppro is a cross-border e-commerce software and related value-added service provider in China. It started in 2013 and has been focusing on providing cross-border e-commerce software and related value-added services for enterprises for a long time.

Shoppro adheres to the principle of "make e-commerce easier!" The company's e-commerce service mission is to help global enterprises through long-term focus on the provision of cross-border e-commerce system tools and related value-added services while iteratively optimizing its own products and services

It can improve the efficiency of retail operation, reduce the cost of retail operation, and output better experience of e-commerce software products for end users. Over the years, we have served tens of thousands of well-known enterprises at home and abroad. The company's existing large

Through continuous focus, nearly half of the team members and product R & D team provide enterprises with cross-border e-commerce independent station mall, similar "little Jingdong" multi-user mall system, Omni channel retail mall system, community new retail group buying system and micro shopping system

E-commerce software, marketing tools and related value-added services of mall type, such as Xinxin distribution mall system, new retail online and offline integrated store management system, etc. And through Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Shantou, Chaozhou and other places of the direct service center and the national franchise

The partners will provide better output products and local landing services to the national enterprise users.

We have been adhering to the mission of "making e-commerce simpler", and with the attitude of "focus, perfection and never give up", we are continuously committed to helping the development of e-commerce software service industry and coping with the ever-changing challenges in the field of e-commerce software service.

Our mission

Established in 2013, we have many years of experience and focus on "providing technical solutions for cross-border e-commerce". Determined to "be the most suitable independent brand station for China's cross-border e-commerce" and "let China's cross-border e-commerce have independent brand stations".

We offer different products to sellers of different stages, scales and operation modes. Shoppro locates b-end commercial products, provides perfect after-sales service and overall product solutions, and is suitable for cross-border SOHO / small wholesale / delivery

Unified entities / platform sellers / marketing experts, etc., to do the most suitable for their own cross-border independent station. At the same time, it provides a free basic mall system and self-service station, which is suitable for the sellers of test products / popular products / novices, so that cross-border sellers can have independent brand stations.

Our basic technical support

Years of e-commerce milestone
As an old station building service provider for many years, in addition to the accumulation of technology and experience, the core is the sense of responsibility to customers. Over the past decade, we have made great efforts to protect the rights and interests of customers and help them solve various cross-border problems.

10 billion level technology architecture
ShopPro The underlying technology architecture invites the top domestic e-commerce technology experts to participate in the architecture design (once the architect level of Amazon). At present, the shoppro pipeline is more than 1 billion every year, and the system is constantly updated.

Micronet cloud computing
Micronet cloud has the world's top e-commerce cloud computing capabilities, and also serves as an e-commerce service, so the main core data and code of shoppro use microgrid cloud. Kong) | | |

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